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Royal Rumble

How it works

Each GW, the manager with the lowest GW score will be thrown over the ropes


(1) If you get eliminated, you have the following GW to get back in (providing you get the highest GW score for that next GW)

(2) If you reach the last four, once eliminated you cannot return

(3) If two managers get a joint low scoring GW, they will have the next GW to battle it out. The lowest of that tie gets eliminated. This means there will be x2 eliminations for that next GW


GW 13 : 
GW 14 : 

GW 15 : 
GW 16 : 
GW 17 : 
GW 18 : 
GW 19 : 
GW 20 : 
GW 21 : 
GW 22 :
GW 23 :


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